Escrow Rates
Sale PriceEscrow Fee
FromToFullPer Side
Over $2,000,000 --- Please call for a Quote
  • All fees are subject to Washington state sales tax
  • Residential Refinance Fee: $450.00 (no additional fees for payoffs)
  • Mobile Home Only transfers $500.00
  • Extra charge for Mobile Home transactions $150.00
  • Commercial Rates: Escrow transactions that are not one-to-four family residential land or vacant land intended for such use will be determined by negotiation, contact Escrow Manager
  • An extra $100.00 for short sales or distressed sales may be charged
  • Extra charges may apply for additional services, contact Escrow Manager
  • Multiple Issue (formerly called builder/subdivider rates) rate reductions are based upon the reduction of labor involved in multiple transactions occurring over an unspecified period of time involving lots within the same subdivision and/or the same builders, developers or investors. The Multiple Issue Rate is 60% of the General Rate Schedule

Performed by Spokane County Title Company

Within Spokane County

Effective as of March 26, 2010
Residential Closing Cost

Governmental Agencies or instrumentalities acquiring or disposing of real estate may be based upon agreement between the agency and the escrow company. Minimum fee: $200.00

A charitable or nonprofit entity may receive a rate reduction of 50% of the General Schedule. Minimum fee: $200.00

Additional work charges disallowed by the VA may be waived.

The Company reserves the right to request additional escrow charges where unusual services or costs to the Company will be required to comply with the instructions of the parties. If that occurs, the customer will be informed and provided an opportunity to cancel the request or make alternative arrangements. Examples include (1) assumption of post-closing responsibilities to hold and disburse a sum held back for a defined purpose, (2) assumption of additional document preparation responsibilities other than the sale and purchase money mortgage.

The rates quoted in the General Escrow Fee Schedule, as attached, are minimum charges that are to be made for the customer services performed and the usual risks assumed in each escrow transaction.

The Company reserves the right to match any written escrow rate quote from a competitive title and/or escrow company.

The above rates include fees for one overnight delivery fee, local courier service, LPO document preparation, reconveyance tracking, receipt of e‐docs, credit card payoff, and other normal ancillary charges. Recording fees are not included. Wire Transfer charge is $25.00 per wire transfer.


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